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Costa Rica Contains A Large Number Of Micro Climates

By Rodgers H. Bestgen Jr. / February 4, 2012

Living in Costa Rica, you'll definitely feel the sweltering heat, to witness than rains and to shiver the cold. Costa Rica has an agreeable temperate climate with a year round with a median day time temperature of 20 degrees Celsius with more mild temperatures at night. There are 2 distinct seasons in Costa Rica, the dry season from mid November to April and the stormy season during March to Nov. In the rainy season, you may expect rain in the afternoon while the mornings are generally sunny. Due to the topography and the variety of geographical factors one will have to face the different Costa Rica Micro Climates and one will experience them all in a single day. This combo creates the enormous bio-diversity and host of different types of forests like dry forest, rain forest, and transition forest. The variety and quantity in plant and animal life is on account of the geographical and climate variety. Costa Rica