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Costa Rica Micro Climates

Costa Rica Contains A Large Number Of Micro Climates

Living in Costa Rica, you'll definitely feel the sweltering heat, to witness than rains and to shiver the cold. Costa Rica has an agreeable temperate climate with a year round with a median day time temperature of 20 degrees Celsius with more mild temperatures at night. There are 2 distinct seasons in Costa Rica, the dry season from mid November to April and the stormy season during March to Nov. In the rainy season, you may expect rain in the afternoon while the mornings are generally sunny. Due to the topography and the variety of geographical factors one will have to face the different Costa Rica Micro Climates and one will experience them all in a single day. This combo creates the enormous bio-diversity and host of different types of forests like dry forest, rain forest, and transition forest. The variety and quantity in plant and animal life is on account of the geographical and climate variety. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is found within the 8 and 11 degree latitude lines which places it instantly in the tropics. However , there are 12 climatic areas in Costa Rica. The temperature in Costa Rica is determined by the elevation and other geographical factors and not by the season in the Northerly Hemisphere. The temperatures do not alter much during these seasons. Sometimes the temperature in the Central region is 70 degrees F, low 80s near Caribbean and high 80s in the Northwards lowlands.

The quantity of rains also varies in the different regions of Costa Rica. The Atlantic coastline is being the most wet and the Northern lowlands being the driest. The average rainfall in Costa Rica is 100 inches per year, but there are dry areas like in the province of Guanacaste that receive a particularly low quantity of rain. It is vital to bear in mind that change of temperatures and weather conditions when travelling to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is the home of the 12 microclimates mainly because of the Costa Rica Diversity, from hot to damp to cold virtually snowy, depending on the elevation these micro-climates can change dramatically. One minute it is beautiful and bright and then in two minutes later it is wet and cold, and one minute after is hot and bright, and then in ten minutes later it will be misty and clouded. While the beach and traveller spots depend on the 2 main seasons of the country, these microclimates and drastic temperature changes are prominent when driving from the central valley to the beaches.

Aside from the temperature, even the non expert will perceive the way in which the flora changes from place to place especially on the way to Caribbean tropical beaches where you've got to go thru forests that may take you into the prehistoric times. On the way to the favored beaches of North Pacific you'll see the dry farming lowlands. And in the impressive Southern Pacific you'll be ready to hike into the glorious tropical forests. All of these are just a few hours from each other.

Due to the topography and the diversity of geographical factors one will have to face the different Costa Rica Micro Climates and one will experience them all in only 1 day. Costa Rica is the home of the 12 microclimates generally thanks to the Costa Rica Diversity, from hot to humid to cold virtually snowy, dependent on the elevation these microclimates can change dramatically.

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