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Bob Proctor – A Review of the Life and Works of Bob Proctor: The Author of ‘You Were Born Rich’

By Natasha A. Unzueta / April 8, 2013

Bob Proctor was born in 1935 in a family of humble folks as the middle child in Ontario, Canada. While growing up, he wasn’t what you would call an exceptional youth. Due to the wide-reaching depression during his growing up days, Bob wasn’t fascinated by studies. Consequently, he didn’t excel at studies and eventually dropped out after barely a handful of months in high school.


Best Law of Attraction Books Guide

By Brennan Klompmaker / April 8, 2013

After seeing the movie “The Secret” you may find yourself looking for more information about the law of attraction. There are plenty of books published on the subject; some are very good, some not so much.First off, “The Secret” movie was put into book form and contains much the same explanations and descriptions as the movie. The book is nice to have though, as you can bookmark certain pages or passages that resonate with you, or you can reread something until it becomes clear to you.